Discover the Magic

Welcome to an unforgettable experience of capturing cherished moments and creating lasting memories with your family. My hope is to educate you about what to expect during our session.

1. Let's chat location

Yes, we have amazing, stunning, vast backdrops here in Northern Idaho! If that feels authentic to your family then let's go!

I encourage you to think about locations that hold special meaning to your family or reflect your collective personality. Once we choose the perfect location, we can move forward with planning the rest. It might be hiking, your front porch or snuggled up on the couch.

2. Coordinating Outfits with the Location:

To ensure that your family's attire beautifully complements the natural surroundings, let's consider a few factors:


 a. Colors that Harmonize

We will take inspiration from the colors found in our chosen location. By selecting attire with earthy tones and soft pastels for a lush green forest or blues and whites for a picturesque lake, we can create a visually appealing composition that resonates with the scenery.

 b. Dressing for the Season

Northern Idaho experiences distinct seasons, each offering its own unique charm. I will guide you on dressing appropriately for the season, so everyone feels comfortable and the photographs reflect the aesthetic of the time of year.

 c. Embracing Individuality

It's important that each family member's personality shines through in the photographs. While we aim for a cohesive look, let's avoid overly matching outfits, allowing everyone to express themselves authentically.

3. Understanding the Vision

During our session, I want to capture the genuine moments and connections that make your family special. I will communicate my vision for the storytelling session, emphasizing the significance of the location and how your chosen outfits will harmonize with the surroundings. Together, we will create a relaxed and natural atmosphere, encouraging you to be yourselves and just enjoy!

4. Professional Guidance

If you would like additional support or expert guidance throughout the process, I am here to assist you. As a professional family photographer and storytelling session specialist in Northern Idaho, my goal is to ensure that your session is an enjoyable and stress-free experience! This should be enjoyable for all family members. This includes the Dads! Feel free to reach out to me for suggestions, insights, or any assistance you may need.

xoxo - Jessica