10 tips to get the most out of your family photo session

Seriously... family photos do not have to be stressful!! Mostly talking to the Dads here. Below are 10 tips to help you better understand what happens after you book and all the ways I will help guide you through the process!

1. Choose your date on my scheduler.

2. Fill out the questionnaire I will send your way. I will learn more about your family and what you want to capture in the photos.

3. Review the list of locations in the questionnaire and choose one that fits your family's personality and interests. OR choose your own :)

4. Schedule a call. This is when we can discuss the details of the session, including the chosen location, go over timing, and any specific requests, concerns or ideas. We are creating this together! Knowing more allows me to feel more comfortable too!

5. Make sure everyone in the family is well-rested and fed before the session to ensure their best behavior and mood. As best as possible. I am a mom too... I get it!

6. Coordinate outfits for the family that are comfortable, complement each other, and match the chosen location and theme. I have a great tool to help us with this. Send anything you are thinking. This is my job to help you!

7. Bring any props or accessories that add a personal touch to the photos, such as favorite books, toys, or blankets.

8. Plan to arrive at the location 15 minutes early to allow for any unforeseen delays or traffic.

9. At the point we should honestly already feel comfortable and know each other pretty well! Trust my vision and allow me to guide you through the session while also just understanding that play and connection is the ultimate goal!

10. Have fun and enjoy the experience of creating lasting memories with your family!